The people behind WLAC

Current Committee

President Rob de Wit
Vice President Julie Morgan
Secretary Stacey Hall
Treasurer Matt Makin
Registrar Mark Coulston
Organisation of Officials Christina Todorovic
Ad & Communication Nicole Hambling
Special Events Emma Saleeba
Team Manager Cath Cleveland
Cross Country Stacey Hall
Records & Rankings Crystal Brown
Competition Director Mark Hambling
Technical Requirements James Ong
Education and Training Rowena Simmons-Curtis
General Members Phil Kelly, James Ong, Tina Birk,  Nicole Hutchison



Life Members

1979  V Bunworth (snr), M Bunworth, J Stewart, B Thompson

1981  V Steinbergs

1985  B Ganley, S Mongey, J Sandford

1986  T Jago

1990  K Minster

1993  I Dunne

1995  J Shannon

1998  D Bunworth, A Hilton

1999  R Carr

2001  P Miles

2003  W Anderson

2004  P Hargreaves

2009  M McIntyre

2010  V Bunworth

2011  S Ryan, C Falduto, R Alfieri, G Shaw, M Coulston & S Macaulay

2017 L Ryan

2019 K Evans