The people behind WLAC

Current Committee

President Rob de Wit
Vice President Julie Morgan
Secretary Stacey Hall
Treasurer Matt Makin
Registrar Mark Coulston
Organisation of Officials Mark Hambling
Ad & Communication Emma Saleeba
Special Events Nicole Hutchison
Team Manager Cath Cleveland
Cross Country Vacant
Records & Rankings Crystal Brown
Competition Director Mark Hambling
Technical Requirements Michael Jaimangal
Education and Training Nicole Hutchison
General Members Phil Kelly, James Ong, Gordon McLean, Petra Mayer, Tina Birk, Christina Todorovic




Life Members

1979  V Bunworth (snr), M Bunworth, J Stewart, B Thompson
1981  V Steinbergs
1985  B Ganley, S Mongey, J Sandford
1986  T Jago
1990  K Minster
1993  I Dunne
1995  J Shannon
1998  D Bunworth, A Hilton
1999  R Carr
2001  P Miles
2003  W Anderson
2004  P Hargreaves
2009  M McIntyre
2010  V Bunworth
2011  S Ryan, C Falduto, R Alfieri, G Shaw, M Coulston & S Macaulay
2017 L Ryan