This season’s Centre Championships will be held on Saturday the 17th of March starting at 4pm.

Only Werribee Athletes are eligible to enter this free event, with medals being presented to the top 3 place getters in each age group, and ribbons to all other competitors. Please be aware that if there is more than 1 heat for a laned track event, medals will be awarded on times as we are unable to schedule finals. 

Athletes MUST wear their Werribee uniform and Subway patches to be able to compete.

Athletes are able to select a maximum of 4 events. Please CLICK HERE for a schedule of track events. Please check for clashes, as track events will not wait for athletes who are competing at another track event (800m will be running at the same time as hurdle events).  The timetable will be finalised once we have received all entries.  

We will endeavour to schedule Field events around track events to avoid clashes where possible, however track events take priority over field events. Field events will not be finalised until all athletes have completed their event (for highjump, although an atlete is allowed to leave the event, on returning from a track event the athlete must continue form the bars current height, the bar will not come down to a lower height.)  These are standard rules applied at all LAVIC competitions.

Athlete numbers may see events combined with other age groups, however medals will be awarded to all age groups.

Due to the nature of this event all parents will be required to do duty on the day and Team Managers may not be available to escort athletes to their events.

We will be holding a BBQ on the night with all funds raised being returned to the club.

Entries close on Friday the 9th of March at 11.59pm, no late entries will be accepted.

For any enquires please email